The Big Mantrap Lake Assocation is committed to helping maintain the quality of the lake and preventing the spread of invasive species.


Lake Water Quality

The 2017 Summary for Big Mantrap Lake water quality can be found here

Big Mantrap Lake is an active member of the Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations


Invasive Species

Big Mantrap Lake is CLEAN of Invasive Species.  Please help us keep it that way by pulling drainplugs and cleaning your boat on your way in and out of any lake.

MN DNR Invasive Species Information

Fishery Status

General information on the lake, as well as fishery status, can be obtained from the Minnesota DNR's LakeFinder page here

We also have some presentations from the DNR on our NEWS page.

Fishing Regulations

Big Mantrap Lake falls within the newly established "North-Central Zone", however the lake has a more limited Northern Pike harvest as well as a specific crappie limit.

  • Black & White Crappie: Possession limit five

  • Northern Pike: All from 24-36" must be immediately released. Possession limit three, only one over 36"

  • Muskellunge (statewide): Possession limit 1, minimum size 54"

2019 Minnesota Fishing Regulations Guide


Watercraft Safety & Regulations

Big Mantrap Lake's unique features and geography require that boaters be aware of certain areas and state laws when it comes to watercraft operation.  Mantrap Lake depth varies greatly, though mid-summer lack of emergent weeds generally indicates safe depths for motors.  Higher traffic channels are marked with buoys. 

  • There are two no wake zones (<5mph)

  • Some loon nesting areas are marked to allow safe distance

In addition these statewide regulations apply particularly:

  • It is illegal to operate a watercraft in a careless or reckless manner.

  • It is illegal to operate a watercraft within an area legally marked off as a swimming area

  • It is illegal to chase wildlife with a motorboat, or operate a boat where it is prohibited - including marked spawning beds. Avoid traversing any emergent or floating vegetation, if possible.

  • Personal watercraft must travel at slow no-wake speed (5mph or less) within 150 feet of nonmotorized boats, shore (unless launching or landing skiers directly to or from open water), docks, swim rafts, swimmers, or any moored or anchored boat.

The full Minnesota DNR Boating Guide and be found here.