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The purpose of the Big Mantrap Lake Association as stated in the Articles of Incorporation is, "Maintaining and improving the natural resources of Big Mantrap Lake, Hubbard County, Minnesota, a public lake."

History of the Big Mantrap Lake Association

The Mantrap Lake Association was one of the earliest in this area. On August 28, 1956, property owners met at Trail's End Resort, at the invitation of owner John R. Miller. The stated purpose of the meeting was to "organize an association for the protection and improvement of Mantrap Lake." Three days later, the Articles of Incorporation were adopted at a second meeting at Wonewok, making the Mantrap Lake Improvement Association the second earliest in this area, and indicating that the people of this lake recognized early on the need to give all property owners an outlet for working together for the good of the lake.

Emphasis on the preservation of natural resources is so pervasive today that it is easy to consider this a newly-born ideal. Not so. Among the issues concerning the founders of the association in 1956 were: water levels, weeds, fish propagation, encouraging wildlife, the public access and safe and courteous use of water vehicles. Also, well before 1956, individuals and small groups who cared about the well-being of the lake and surroundings invested time and money in independent actions addressing these same concerns.

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BMLA By-Laws

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Jim Zawacki, Board Member

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